Artemis is one step closer to the Moon

The POT has started the fuel test at 13:15 Spanish peninsular hours from the Kennedy Space Center (Florida). After two attempts, it appears that the space agency has started its Artemis I mission.

After checking if the repairs from the previous tests were in good condition, Charlie Blackwell-Thompson (Artemis launch manager) gave the go-ahead to officially start loading thrusters on the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket as part of the cryogenic demonstration test.

Storage operations began with the liquid oxygen transfer line cooling of the center stage. Therefore, after cooling the liquid oxygen (LOX) lines, the teams gave green light to slow fill phase to load the central stage of the rocket, in addition, they will cool the liquid hydrogen (LH2) transfer line.

Once the LOX fill is complete, NASA will transition to fast fill operations, and when the LH2 cooldown is complete, start to slow filling of liquid hydrogen.

After performing these actions, the engineers they will start the purge of the engine which will start to flow supercold LH2, in this way, it will lower the temperature of the four RS-25 engines to the conditions required for launch.

filling phase
filling phase

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