Arteta and City: “They put in Mahrez and Sterling to humiliate us”

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Amazon’s new documentary about Arsenal is already leaving the first pearls about the interiors of the ‘gunners’ last season. Although all the chapters have not yet been broadcast, the English press is revealing details of what is to come and it will not disappoint.

Specifically, the Daily Mail advances several moments starring Mikel Arteta, such as his talks to the team, sometimes telematics due to the Covid. One of the ones that has attracted the most attention is the one prior to the match against Manchester City on New Year’s Day.

“I’m really sorry I can’t be there because today we’re going to go to the damn war. One thing guys, be yourself. I want a head-to-head match. When we were at the Etihad, remember what they did… Three-nil and with 10 players and they put Mahrez and Sterling on the pitch to humiliate us”, said the Spanish coach.

“Let’s go for it, guys. We are a completely different team and you have to go from the first minute, think ahead, act forward and play forward … each one of you, ”she sentenced.

The Aubameyang March

Another of the difficult moments that Arteta had to face last season was the conflict with Aubameyang, star and captain of the team, after he was delayed in returning from a personal trip to France. The coach has a conversation in which they discuss what to do with the Gabonese: “What do you have to do? Let it go? If you let it go… is that okay? What happened… in the last 10 years? Let it go… the next one… the next one. In Spain it’s called ‘casa pepe’… everyone does what they fucking want”, says Arteta.

The incident with Aubameyang convulsed the Arsenal dressing room, but it also meant that Arteta showed his leadership skills to the rest of the players. At another point in the documentary, Elneny and Holding have a conversation on the subject.

“What happened with Auba yesterday?” midfielder Elneny asked in the club’s canteen.

“He went to Paris… he came home… the boss wanted him to come back like, I think, a day before he came back,” the defenseman explained. “The next day he was late for training. He had permission to go there… he had to go see his mom. And then he didn’t come back on time and Arteta didn’t listen to him and he didn’t do the right thing.”

“The boss has balls, huh?” observes Elneny.

“Yeah, the boss has balls,” Holding agrees.

Later the coach offers a talk to some team players in which he explains the matter: “The club and I are not going to accept any behavior like this. What we are building goes against any behavior like that.”

“He is very intense and very demanding and you have to live up to that or you move,” Holding reflected in an interview for the series. “I think that’s what keeps everyone on their toes, he can be pretty ruthless, but that’s important.”

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