Artificial Intelligence | Microsoft AI is able to prevent surfer accidents | TECHNOLOGY

USA Surfing, the United States surf team, andhave worked together with the aim of using the () to improve performance and reduce injuries in athletes.

The AI ​​solution that Microsoft has developed for USA Surfing analyzes recorded images of surfers to “determine both the strengths and weaknesses of their movements” against external elements such as the surfboard and the wave. To do this, it uses Azure Cognitive Services.

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From “thousands of videos” of the World Surf League, Microsoft’s AI allows to study, on the one hand, the joints of a surfer’s body to “collect important data on your maneuvers, posture, and range of motion.”

On the other, the surfboard, to obtain information “on how the athlete’s technique, the sea currents and the board itself work together”, while the waves allow discovering “what forces drive the athletes at each moment”, as Microsoft explains in a statement.

The purpose of this application of artificial intelligence is to improve the performance of surfers and prevent injuries and accidents.


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