Artists against Artificial Intelligence tools: the war has begun | Technology

The incredible irruption of image creation tools has put a somewhat more conservative sector in the art world on a war footing, which considers that artificial intelligence is directly robbing them of their essence.

Currently, with the arrival of the artificial intelligence to almost all the fields and sectors that surround us, there are many people who jump against these novelties, either in the form of an algorithm or even a robotsdue to the loss of humanity.

Some artists are excited about the possibility of creating completely new digital images using text prompts and see it as a new tool to be creative and generate more content in the futurebut others consider that we are at the beginning of the end.

In the case we are talking about today and as you know, there are tools that currently they are gaining great fame as DALLE 2highly questioned by “real” artists who consider these a big scam, since art loses its creative essence and that process of elaborating a project like a painting. Quite a disaster in the face of art conservation future.

It is true that no human being can do what these tools do, that is, create such a varied and high-quality range of images in a matter of secondsbut this does not make him an artist.

Though sometimes it seems like magic, under the hood is still a computer algorithm, which rigidly follows the instructions of the authors of this, so it is quite considerable to say that we are not at the same point.

So does “art” reside in this technology?

The ultimate art of this tool, lies with those who designed the algorithmand even in those that make a use like the one we have already seen.

And yes, it seems that there is little merit in what is generated by a machine or robots making use of the technology current, but someone has had to be behind devising it and shaping it. If we take it as an example, the same thing happens with photography, but there is the photographer who is the one who decides the framing, the brightness, the focus… etc. and we consider it an artistic craft.

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At the end of everything we are talking about generating facilities for certain sectors such as advertising or marketing, for example, and not the usurpation of something that we believe we all consider to be opposed.

The creator of Stable Diffusion, a popular open source model that is taking the internet by storm, says he doesn’t think AI is going to take away artists’ ability to make a living. He sets a great example: “Excel didn’t put accountants out of work; I still pay my accountants”Emad Mostaque said.

According to him, this tool technology will give artists new jobs: “The industry of Artificial intelligence It is a sector that is going to grow massively. If you want to make money with this, it will be much more fun.”

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