Asensio: “I haven’t valued Barcelona, ​​there are rumors because in 7 months I can sign with any club”

The Real Madrid striker does not value the rumors about Barça but admits that he could go to any club if he does not renew.

Marco Asensio has become one of the great protagonists of Real Madrid today after “Mundo Deportivo” published that Barcelona would look favorably on signing him but the striker assured in an interview in “Cope” that he has not assessed that possibility, although in the coming months he could choose a new destination if he does not renew.

Barça’s interest in signing him: “Honestly, I don’t know if Barça wants me. Many other clubs have left like Barça… I haven’t thought about it or valued it. There are many rumours, speculations, and it’s normal. In 7 months I can sign with any club and It is normal for many clubs to leave, and they will leave more surely”.

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Ancelotti and his continuity: “August was a difficult month, strange, but the decision has been made: I am very happy to be at Real Madrid. Ancelotti’s confidence was key. I continue to believe that I can help Real Madrid and I want to continue winning titles with the club There were options, but at no time did I really think about being able to leave. His confidence was key. In the end, last season was very good too, it was very good for me in terms of goals, interventions in the game, and especially for the titles that we got as a team, and it’s kind of the goal we have for this season”.

When did you decide to stay? “I don’t know how to tell you an exact date, but options come out, they come out… In the end, it’s not a decision that depends entirely on me either, but they are things that have to be discussed with the club, with the coach, and I think you put a little everything in the balance, and from there you make the decision. But at no time did I really think about being able to leave, for a bit of the project, for the confidence of my coach, and that was also very important for me”.

His anger at not going out against Mallorca: “There will always be discussions, and people who will think that it is good, that it is bad. In my case I lived it that way, I am a person who shows me when I am happy, when I am pissed off… In that case, no the change happened, as you say, it was a special game for me, because it was against a former team, we were drawing, I thought I could help the team… It wasn’t because of a teammate’s injury, it was bad luck, but Well, in the end he won and it remains an anecdote. Zero problems with the coach”.

Do you rule out renewing?: “We’ll see what happens… You never know, in the world of football things can change very quickly. I can’t tell you anything else because I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Defense to Vinicius: “He is a very humble boy and he sees football from joy. Let him dance when he celebrates goals, as long as he doesn’t disrespect, I think it’s perfect. Everyone wants to see joy, good football, and that is what Vini transmits. And obviously racism is what should be put aside. I think they are a minority. They are not all the hobbies and the people who do it do not have to tarnish a hobby or an entire country”.


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