Assignment of inter-union coordination of the Bananerp and Banana Cluster of Ecuador

In order to be able to influence the public policies necessary for the sustainability and competitiveness of the sector, since August 2018 the process of forming the Banana and Banana Cluster of Ecuador began with the participation of different unions and that today make it up: AEBE, Agroban, Chamber of Agriculture of the II Zone, Asoexpla and the Small Producers Association Commission (El Oro Farms, Production and Life, Green Gold, Asoproabacao, Fertile Land, San Miguel de Brasil, Asoguabo and Asoprorey).

The Banana and Banana Cluster of Ecuador aims to contribute to the competitiveness and sustainability of the value chain of the Ecuadorian banana industry, strengthening its capacity for collaboration and innovation; It also represents, in a unified message, 70% of exports and 60% of Ecuador’s banana and plantain production.

In order to continue facing the multiple challenges of modern agriculture that require a joint strategic vision of all the participants in the banana and plantain value chain, as well as to promote the adoption of sustainability and competitiveness policies, the Commission of Governance of the Banana and Plantain Cluster of Ecuador appointed José Antonio Hidalgo Molina, Executive Director of the Association of Banana Exporters of Ecuador (AEBE), as Coordinator of the Interunion Group.

Those who make up the Banana and Plantain Cluster of Ecuador wish the greatest success in its management, and are sure that it will be for the benefit of the banana and plantain exporting and producing sector of Ecuador.

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