Astonishment and anger of Medina Cantalejo with the penalty in El Sadar

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The penalty caused outrage in Sevilla. And astonishment and anger in Luis Medina Cantalejo, president of the Technical Committee of Referees, according to the colleagues of Sports world. The referee’s performance Del Cerro Grande, badly advised by Soto Grado in the VAR, monopolized the spotlights, generated the first controversy with the inauguration of the League and camouflaged, only in part, a mediocre version of Julen Lopetegui’s team. Papu Gómez’s action triggered the first defeat of the course and ended the arbitration work at the first change.

Minute 74. When the ball left the area, and in a fight for a ball, the Papu Gómez raises his arm to protect himself and slightly contacts Moncayolawhich he takes the opportunity to put his hands to his face. Del Cerro signals a penalty. The invention is over. The circular of the regulation states that they should not be “sanctioned small contacts, light loads (…) a penalty must correspond to a clear and significant action”. The Madrid referee did not hesitate, despite the massive protest of the Sevilla players. Either Soto Grado, who did not attend the training instructions this summer: “VAR must recommend review in that case where, even if there is contact, it is not clearly enough to be considered an infraction”.

The arguments of Luis Medina Cantalejo during the summer preparation in Segovia went to waste just two days after the instructional talk with the coaches. Next Friday there will be rapa dust. This nebula of gray actions and the eradication of unclear penalties is complicated to combat through the interpretation of the field referee. As always, the debate of grievances and suspicious comparisons opens.

Monchi went down to the grass at the conclusion of the league premiere. He thus reflected the minutes drawn up by Del Cerro Grande. “(…) the sports director of Sevilla FC, Mr. Ramón Rodríguez Verdejo, was inside the field of play and a few meters from the touchline, approaching me only with the intention of greeting me”. He then pointed out that “Later, once we accessed the tunnel that led to the changing rooms, the President of the aforementioned club, Mr. Joseph Castro Carmona, addressing me and expressing his disagreement with one of the decisions made during the game, indicating that he should not be in said tunnel (…)”.

Castro, who spoke on a second occasion with the Madrid referee, was outraged. Reluctant to comment on arbitration decisions, he immediately jumped into the club’s official media: “There is a key player. A penalty no one has seen. I can not understand it. Last season we did not complain and I have to complain on the first day. They tell you that there will be no penalties and on the first day there are penalties. We cannot be the eternally disadvantaged. An international referee cannot award a penalty. There is no image that says it was a penalty. We have to improve, but play is key and we have to complain about the referees from day one. It is unfortunate”.

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