Atlético is not alarmed: patience with Simeone

Atlético has not had a start to the season as expected. To fit in two defeats in six league games It wasn’t in anyone’s plans. To this must be added the stumble against Leverkusen, which complicates the pass in the Champions League. Also, the atmosphere in the Cívitas Metropolitano has been somewhat strange in these first Atlético matches at home and this fact has not gone unnoticed by anyone. Neither the game nor the results have helped the spirits to relax again. The break will come in handy in this regard. Atlético is eight points off the top of the table and three off the Champions League spots. Neither leaders nor coaching staff claim that there is a state of alarm around the team. It is one thing not to have started well and another to be startled.

yes it is true that Simeone has not found the key. And it must be a matter of time before he finds her. The Argentine coach has experience to turn this situation around. Experience and resources. Atlético has a squad to aspire to higher levels. Y After the break, Cholo will be able to count on all his troops. Patience. It is what is heard at Atlético. Against Real Madrid, the team started playing well, dominating the game and received a harsh punishment in the rival’s two arrivals. In other games the team played well. In Germany, just when the Madrid team was at its best, the rival took advantage of their chances and won the game. Nobody is unaware of the defensive problems that Atlético has. Nahuel has not yet responded to what was expected of him and Witsel is not a defender. The team is anxiously awaiting Savic and Giménez.

Total support… and demand

Secondly, nobody doubts Simeone. Although from some sides they insist that Cholo’s cycle is coming to an end, at Atlético they understand that the coach is not discussed. The Argentine has the same credit now as when the season started. Another thing is what happens at the end of the campaign seeing the results of the team. Then decisions will be made. Now the situation is different: grit your teeth, give maximum support to the coach and squad and try to get players like João Félix and Carrasco to step up and increase their performance. There is no other. After a successful preseason, the official competition has put Atlético in its place. Simeone has to find the players and the system to take the situation forward. There is no other.

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