August 2022 codes in Tower of Fantasy: free prizes

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Have you already played Tower of Fantasy? You may have seen that we have a huge list of materials and rewards, but what better than the free prizes? A very simple way to obtain them is through the codes that the company issues. Therefore, in the following guide, we leave you the August 2022 and the way in which we have to exchange them so that there is no loss. Do not miss it!

Tower of Fantasy Guide: August 2022 Codes

Next, we leave you the code list August 2022. As a recommendation, we recommend redeeming these prizes as soon as possible, since they usually have an expiration period. Once the date has passed, the prize will no longer be valid and we will have missed a free opportunity to get very useful materials.







Tower of Fantasy codes

How to redeem codes in Tower of Fantasy

To redeem codes, We have to perform a series of very simple steps. We leave them below:

  • First, we have to complete the tutorial.
  • Then we open the gift box. We will see an icon in the upper right part of the screen. If we give “Enter” and move the mouse towards it, we can access it.
  • We find an option that says “Redeem code. Then, we put the one we want and the reward will come out as validated.

As you can see, it is not complicated at all, as well as a very simple method of obtaining prizes. Now that the game is in its early stages and the games are not very early, it is the best time to take advantage of this advantage and advance more easily.

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