Auron, on his relationship with Jordi Wild: “Friendships move away”

I’m sure you remember that time Youtube in which auronplay Y Jordi Wild They used to make videos together. This, of course, is a thing of the past and many wonder what the relationship between the two content creators will be like today.

As well, auron He has spoken about it in a recent direct and has made it clear that, although they no longer see each other as much as before for things in life, their relationship is still very good.

I get along very well with Jordi, but sometimes, for things in life, you talk less with people. You see two youtubers who used to make videos and they already make them for us and you take it for granted that there are fights, bad vibes… and it doesn’t have to be that way, “he explained.

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“I get along like hell with Jordi Wild. It’s true I used to make more videos with him before but, of course, you move away but not for anything bad, but Because that’s life“, continued explaining the streamer.

“You walk away and maybe then you get together with other people a little more, then less… it’s just part of life. Not because two people don’t make videos anymore, it has to have happened something bad“, settled.

Of course, no one can deny that Auron’s arguments are fully understandable. As he himself has said, such is life and we never know where it will take us.


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