AuronPlay, on TortillaLand 2 hacks: “If they don’t bring down the server, it’s because they don’t want to”

Throughout this year we have been able to see on more than one occasion how various series of streamers have been affected by hacker attacks. TortillaLand 2As expected, it has not been the exception.

In a recent direct auronplay He has spoken on this subject, assuring that he is the main focus of these cyber attacks, since he is the most prominent figure within the server.

“Little by little we are testing options to be able to stop the clowns on duty. The server is going well, there is no problem, but four fools get together and create you lag. I go in and the fools comeThey are waiting for me to come in,” he explained.

We are working with a security company. The solution is not as easy as you think. I will only tell you that no matter how much you hide an IP, there are programs available to anyone that scan all IPs and end up locating it, “he continued.

As Auron himself pointed out, if someone can get into Rockstar’s computers to leak GTA 6, anyone can take down the TortillaLand 2 server if they want to. “If they don’t throw TortillaLand it’s because they don’t want“, he added.

Hopefully this will continue to be the case and that the series can continue its normal course as before. There is no doubt that Auron, Heberon and company are doing a great job to protect the server from possible threats.


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