Authorities Seek Voyeurism Suspect – NBC 7 Miami

Police are looking for a man they believe is identified as 30-year-old Ciano Brown.

According to authorities, this man was caught on camera at a local store. In the images, he is seen approaching a woman in a dress, who nonchalantly looks at the cosmetics shelf, while the man places the phone under her clothes.

The man then pretends to pick something up off the ground, but in reality he puts his phone under the woman’s dress, who notices something strange and walks away.

Then he approaches the woman again and repeats the operation, which according to the authorities, would be to take a photo or video of the woman’s underwear or private parts, without her consent.

The incident occurred on September 9, at 6:57 pm, at the Walmart store, located at 7900 West Mc Nab Road, in North Lauderdale.

In public records, there is an arrest photo of Ciano Brown, who faced the same charge after being arrested on charges of taking photos and videos of a store clerk at Aventura Mall on January 28 of last year.

On that occasion he was also caught on camera, using the same modus operandi and after being arrested he was forever banned from returning to that mall.

In 2021, the same seller realized what was happening and called the authorities.

Broward Police continue to ask for the community’s help in locating Ciano Brown, and bringing him back to justice in this repeat video voyeurism case.


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