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It’s that time of year again: the season to admire autumn landscapes! The leaves have started to turn and we are already seeing some beautiful colors appearing in parts of the region. Many are concerned about the drought conditions we have been experiencing and how it will affect foliage this year. So I’ll tell you the good news: there will still be plenty of vibrant colors to soak up this season.

In fact, northern New England does not experience a severe drought. And southern New England has seen some good rain lately, which has definitely helped reduce the deficit and give our trees a solid shot of H20.

According to, “Drier years tend to be dominated by red. While yellow and orange pigments are in the leaves year-round, masked by green chlorophyll, red is only produced in autumn. The anthocyanins responsible of this they are fed by the remaining sugars in the leaves.” I can say I’ve already seen this start to happen in southern New England, with random mosaics of bright reds showing up here and there, especially on maples.

Of course, the key to brilliant fall colors is warm, sunny days and cool nights. Tonight it will be in the 30s and 40s across the region and a day of blue skies coupled with highs in the 60s tomorrow will be a huge boost for more colors to start appearing. Peak foliage season typically runs from late September to early November from north to south, and so far, it looks like everything is going according to plan… at least in the north.

a forecast graphic shows 63 sunny and breezy Saturday more blouds PM showers 67 Sunday

If you’re looking to get out this weekend and catch some colors on your camera, definitely head north. The far north of the country, particularly from northeastern Vermont Kingdom to Coos County, New Hampshire, and the mountains of northwestern Maine are places where moderate color is already present! Take a photo and send it to our team: We’d love to see your photos!


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