Baby Lores and El Chacal return to the fray with the premiere of “Fuma”

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Summer isn’t over until it’s over and there’s still time for more musical premieres like the new collaboration of Baby Lords Y the jackal.

The reggaeton musicians landed this Friday on digital platforms with the theme “Smoke” and its corresponding video clip, with which they hope to make many of their fans dance.

“Everyone running to my YouTube channel Baby Lores Music to see this premiere,” the singer wrote on his Instagram profile along with the cover of the song.

The Jackal was not far behind and also shared a preview of the video clip on the social network.

“He left the park,” commented Baby Lores in the publication, suggesting that the song promises to be a musical success within the urban genre.

In the audiovisual, directed by Freddy Graph, there is no lack of girls, alcohol and much less the party.

“She smokes and when she reaches the moon she gets into the bathtub full of foam / She toasts with champagne and calls a baby to join her”, is heard at the beginning in the voice of El Chacal.

“Everything is fresh, open the champagne and I’ll bring the beer / Give yourself a touch of that, your head hurts / If I don’t do it, that girl stresses me out,” Baby Lores sings in another fragment of the song.

A few hours after its premiere, the video clip already had several comments from the followers of both singers.

“These are the topics that we all expect”; “Cuba in the house. Another stick for the street. Lasted”; “The best of Cuba together”; “Super, tremendous topic my little brother, congratulations once again for both of you”; “Another tremendous song”; “Fire, the best”, are some of the reactions that the video already has on the Baby Lores YouTube channel.

The two reggaeton players surprised their fans again after a while without launching a collaboration together.

In 2018, Baby Lores and El Chacal reminisced about the old days and heated up the dance floors in Miami with the premiere of “El Que Se Enamora Pierde”a song whose video clip exceeds 9 million views on YouTube.

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