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bad bunny He is the most listened to Latino worldwide, not in vain he has been the artist with the highest number of reproductions on Spotify for two years in a row.

But Benito, as is his first name, is not satisfied: he ventured into acting thanks to productions like ‘Narcos’ and ‘Bullet Train’ and, as if that were not enough, he recently opened his own restaurant.

Gekko is Bad Bunny’s restaurant in collaboration with nightclub expert David Grutman, located in Miami, USA.and offers innovative food, inspired by Japanese cuisine.

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What happened to the Bad Buny Bugatti?

During the opening event of Gekko, which means moonlight, Bad Bunny’s luxurious Bugatti Chiron 110 had a simple crash.

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The interpreter of ‘Titi asked me’ arrived at the scene in his ostentatious vehicle, which he left parked outside the establishment. Moments later, the Bugatti was crashed by a driver who was apparently trying to park behind the artist’s car.

In several videos of fans, posted on social networks, the moment was captured when a truck, apparently Lamborghini, hit the singer’s car.

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It should be remembered that the Bugatti of the ‘Bad Rabbit’ cost him three million dollars, more than 12,500 million Colombian pesos at today’s exchange rate. In addition, it is an exclusive car of which there are only 20 models worldwide.

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