BASF presents “New Array”, the 2022-2023 collection of automotive colors

The BASF Coatings division designers They create a new collection every year to inspire car designers around the world. The 2022-2023 collectionwhich is presented under the name “New Array”provides innovative tones with an ever-increasing focus on sustainability and the functionalitywhile moving towards new and exciting color spaces.

The title “New Array” refers to the reflective process of ordering values ​​and responding to new needs. “Think of it like being on an escalator,” they point out from BASF, to add that “it is a mode of transport that does not belong to the previous level or to the next, taking the pilot to an intermediate liminal space”. This collection dives into that space to look to the future of mobility.

EMEA region

The colors of Europe, the Middle East and Africa reach a high chromaticity with new pigments spectacular, which allows new intense tones. The best dark are fine and softwhile those of neutral color play with a virtual aspect by adding subtle color information. The effects are there to support the idea and the visual impression. “In general, identity is shown not only through uniqueness, but also in the ability to extend our range of unique colors and effects,” he says. Mark Gutiahr, Head of Automotive Color DesignEMEA.

Pacific Asia

Standing in a liminal space, Asia Pacific colors bring comfort, happiness, spice and solutions that reflect human individuality, which is expanding and gaining importance. They show people how to live smoothly and vividly with their own narratives. “Asia Pacific colors shape a positive and realistic future. They draw your own story allowing you to align with your colorful identity away from social pressures, ”she notes, for her part, Chiharu Matsuhara, Head of Automotive Design from Asia Pacific.

The Americas

Society is grappling with its directional pull, whether to move into a radically different aesthetic without losing touch with sophisticated looks and compelling effects. Visions of progress emanate through colors of the Americas with depth, texture and compatibility. The expressions of natural and simplified options they invite both individuals and communities to embrace liminal spaces.

“By dealing with a myriad of emotions and conditions associated with individual and community identities, one can find comfort and acceptance beyond the typical confines of tangible life,” he explains. Liz Hoffman, Head of Automotive Design for the Americas, to add that “moving through liminal uncertainty may ultimately provide a foundation and opportunities to see into the future.”

The designers of BASF’s Coatings division study future trends every year which they use as a basis for developing surface positions, texture, and color. They are inspired by industry, fashion, consumer products, nature or technology. This research is shared with BASF’s customers, the car designers, to drive future mass production plans.

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