Becky G poses for her first cover in “Variety” magazine

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Becky G continues to be successful. After her most recent musical triumphs, the girl has lent her face for one of the covers of the American magazine Variety.

It is the first time that the American singer of Mexican descent poses for this publication and she recorded it through her Instagram profile.

“What an absolute honor. my first magazine cover Variety”, the girl wrote next to one of the photos.

In the snapshot Becky G wears a tight brown dress with belts around her and her hair completely loose, a combination that makes her look spectacular.

In the interview with Variety, The young woman shared several moments of her career until she became the empowered artist and businesswoman that she is at 25 years old.

Since he started in music at the age of 14the singer had to overcome many prejudices and stereotypes, especially for being of Latino descent.

“There are so many layers, right? You’re Latina, you’re a girl…” Becky G commented in the interview; however, she added proud of her roots that “wherever I go, it’s Becky G plus Mexico on my guest list ”.

One of the biggest challenges he had in his career was singing in Spanish. However, the interpreter “I danced with my ex”opted not only to release a single song in Spanish but an entire album.

“If we’re going to do this, we’re going to dig in and make albums and make a real career here,” he told his manager, Ben Tischker, before launching into this venture.

The singer confessed during the interview: “I started to feel free when I started singing in Spanish, it has always been one of my biggest fears.”

With his second studio album, schemeswhich came out last Maythe singer made an important turn towards her Latin roots.

The album includes collaborations with artists such as El Alfa, Guaynaa and Karol G.

With the latter he starred the smash hit “Mamiii”, a song that at the 2022 Youth Awards won the award for Best Girl Power Collaboration.

Last July, Becky G also starred in her first cover for the magazine Elle Mexico. There is no doubt that the girl is on the rise in music and beyond.

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