Behati Prinsloo is “very angry” with Adam Levine, her husband, after rumors of infidelity

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Behati Prinsloo has been “very surprised” after the information that Adam Levine, her husband, had been unfaithful to her with several women. There is no talk of divorce, however, she is “pissed off”.

A week ago, the marriage between Adam Levine Y Behati Prinsloo it seemed to work perfectly, at least for the public. Nobody expected the model Sumner Stroh would bluntly admit having had a adventure about a year long with the singer of Maroon 5.

Sumner even attached several screenshots of conversations with Adam Levine in which he even asks him if you can put your name on it to his future son.

After her, others were arriving as a comedian called Marykawho taught messages in which the singer was seen saying: “Now I’m obsessed with you” or “distract yourself fucking with me”.

In the same line, Alyson Roseff he also posted a series of private messages purportedly written by Adam Levine. In some of these, the singer told him “I shouldn’t be talking to you, you know (right)?” In another conversation, when the young woman tells him that she only likes metal music, Levine allegedly replies, “I said never hotter girls than you.”

Behati Prinsloo remains ‘committed’ to her family

For now, the person who has not yet spoken has been Behati Prinsloo, however, a source close to the couple has confessed to E-news that believe her husband when he said that he has only had conversations of flirting and that he has never gotten to have anything physical with anyone.

“Behati is very pissed, but believes him when he says he didn’t have an affair. They’ve been together all this time. Feel that they are happily married and was surprised to find out what was going on behind his back,” this person stressed.

Similarly, she has made it clear that she is having a very hard time because what Adam did is wrong. “There are no excuses for her misbehavior, but he claims it was nothing physical. He is disappointed in himself and hurt that he hurt his family. in this way. It’s a wake-up call and it’s made her realize she has to put a lot of her own into it.”

Another source has spoken in the same way Peoplewho has pointed out that she is “100% committed to her family”, and he understands that she is angrya. However, the couple completely rule out divorce and are doing their part to save the relationship.

She has not yet spoken directly, although she is surely wanting to keep a prudent silence so as not to increase the controversy.

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