BeReal also wants to have its payment system in the app

One of the most important applications of the moment is BeReal. There are many who have decided to switch to this application, without leaving Instagram for a long time, but it is true that many have found in it a fun function to interact with your friends or other users in the world. But it turns out the company is thinking of a way to monetize the app, something that could come in the future.

BeReal thinks about monetizing the app in some way

It is true that many companies decide to take a very lucrative path for the apps they develop. Mobile games are the perfect example, especially when you consider the microtransactions that go into each one. In the case of conventional applications we find an even more important problem and that is that there are only two ways to obtain money in them.

And it turns out that these are the two paths that BeReal is thinking of taking if they want to profit from the success of the application. As can be read in AndroidPolicethe company is thinking of a way to make profitable those moments in which users have to take a dual photo and send it to the rest of the world or their group.

Given the massive wave of people who have already downloaded and those who have stayed, it is normal for them to look for a way to take advantage of it. And this is where the two factors that we talked about before come in.

On the one hand, at BeReal they are thinking of adding advertising while keeping the software free. Although this remains to be seen how it would include ads, perhaps the most interesting thing is that the Real subscription system would have to offer something to its users.

These would be the two options by which the company could make the application profitable, although there is a third that users may not like, as is the case of using the app by buying from the beginning.

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