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Wednesday night in Helsinki, after win the European Super Cup, Carlo Ancelotti sat on the steps of the podium of the celebration, to chat for a while with Militão and Casemiro: “I was tired and I sat down. The problem is that I have a knee that bothers me when I stand up,” he explained. He is an artificer capable of defusing sensitive issues by causing smiles.

The Italian’s knee hurts, yes, and he feels better sitting down, but he doesn’t choose just any place to do it. On Wednesday the site was the right side of Casemiro, the footballer for whom Real Madrid has bought the most expensive spare part in recent times: up to 100 million can cost Aurélien Tchoaumeni22-year-old Frenchman, eight years younger than the Brazilian.

This season is the first in which Madrid has three replacements of a certain stature for an already legendary midfield, the Casemiro-Kroos-Modric triplet. The three tenors for Florentino Pérez. The Bermuda Triangle for Ancelotti. “Because the ball disappears there,” he explained after beating Juventus in preseason.

The Italian knows, as everyone knows, that they too will disappear. Kroos is 32 years old, Modric turns 37 next month. The club has Camavinga (19) and Valverde (24) in the chamber. What is impossible to determine is when that substitution day will come. And he’s not going to rush it.

They resist. Modric said it the day before the Super Cup when rotations were mentioned to him: “Age doesn’t matter, what you do on the pitch matters. I feel very good playing. I talk to the coach every day, let’s see how he handles it. He knows that I like to play, and that I feel better playing”.

The following day, Casemiro signed a stupendous performance in the victory against Eintracht, recognized with the award for best player of the match. That took him to the press room, where he claimed the validity of his band: “There are things in football that are not explained, that come out on their own. Talking about Modric and Kroos, who are the best in the world, it’s a little easier for me to play with them”, he said. “We understand each other with our eyes. We will long be remembered as the Bermuda Triangle.”

Next to that guy Ancelotti sat down to joke after lifting the Super Cup. In recent weeks, he has been especially attentive to giving love to the Brazilian, as sources close to the player say, who also point out how special their relationship is: “Ancelotti is one of Casemiro’s best friends in the locker room,” they say. “They talk a lot about football, about tactical issues. Case He is already a coach.”

The ties between them have been woven at various levels and in different scenarios. The coach’s wife, Mariann, and the footballer’s wife, Anna Mariana, watch the matches together in the Bernabéu box that they share due to the distribution made by the club. There has floated, for example, the disappointment of the Brazilian the times in which he has played less.

Ancelotti understands this well. Somehow, he sees himself reflected in Casemiro, according to sources close to him. He sees in the Brazilian the type of footballer he was, with a great effort for the team also accompanied by quality. He has in his head the natural effect of biology on him and on the other two vertices of the triangle, but precipitating the transition is not part of his plan. His idea was already exposed on the day of his presentation, in June 2021, although then he was referring to Bale, Isco and Marcelo: “There is a judge that is not me, that is the field”.

At the moment, both he and Casemiro have reduced the spice of the billionaire signing for his position: “I have not asked him if the arrival of Tchouameni had stung him,” he said after the portentous match of the Brazilian against Eintracht. “The match wasn’t complicated because he has watched the offensive transitions very well. Tchouameni is going to learn a lot and is going to improve a lot with Casemiro”. And he agreed about the Frenchman: “He is going to be an important player. I haven’t been stung.”

His environment assures that the extraordinary state of form in which he has returned from the holidays has nothing to do with the fact that the possible competition from the Frenchman has spurred him on, and that the midfielder has been asking the board for years for a plan B for his position. If anything, his improvement is due more to the fact that this summer he has not played in the Copa América like he did in the past, when he lost the final against Argentina. Casemiro has trained as always before the preseason, in São José dos Campos, in São Paulo, with his trainer and his physio. Also as always, Ancelotti will start this season on the Bermuda Triangle route.

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