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They are designed with Eye-Care technology, designed to take care of your eyesight and prevent eye fatigue. GETTY IMAGES.

A perfect option to illuminate any work area are lamps with LED lighting, since in addition to saving energy thanks to their reduced consumption compared to conventional bulbs, they allow you to adjust their brightness, color or intensity. In addition, most models integrate USB ports, to recharge the battery of the mobile or other electronic devices.

Discover in this selection some of the best LED desk lamps available on Amazon, with an exceptional value for money and installation systems that allow the table to be freed, enjoying a larger workspace.

Btfarm LED Desk Lamp

This LED lamp has three brightness levels, with flicker-free lighting, perfect for avoiding eyestrain when reading, studying or working. It works with a rechargeable battery, which offers an autonomy of between six and eight hours. Includes USB charging cable.

It offers great versatility, since its base has a storage space that works as a pencil holder or as a mobile phone holder.

with flexible body

The neck of the lamp is totally flexible, so it can be rotated 360 degrees, customizing the position of the light depending on the need, adjusting its height and angle so that the greatest lighting coverage is achieved.

Lamp with LED light from Lacmisc, various colors

It is a desk lamp designed with LED lighting, automatic shutdown timer (after 30 or 60 minutes of non-use) and memory function, which when turned on again, restores the color mode and brightness that were last set.

The light is adjustable, between a powerful white light and a soft yellow light. In addition, it has five different color temperatures and 10 brightness levels.

wireless charging

With this LED lamp you can charge the mobile phone battery wirelessly, since its base is designed to work as a charger, just place the device on top and that’s it.


The GUUKIN LED lamp offers three lighting modes (white light, daylight and warm light), with 10 brightness levels and a system that protects the eyes against eye injuries, preventing visual fatigue.

It has a sober, elegant and sophisticated design, ideal for offices, and is accompanied by a USB cable for recharging.

clip design

The installation of this desk lamp is very simple, thanks to the aluminum clip that is integrated into the body, which can be adjusted in a personalized way and offers great stability, fixing the lamp securely. In addition, it frees up space on the table, achieving greater space to work.

Slator LED Desk Lamp

Minimalist and designed with LED lighting, this is this desk lamp, equipped with an automatic shutdown system after 30 or 60 minutes of use.

Its neck can be easily bent 180 degrees, selecting different angles, and it has different USB charging ports, which allow you to charge the battery of electronic devices.

touch system

The switch of this LED desk lamp is fully tactile, designed with intuitive buttons that allow you to adjust the lighting between 10 brightness levels and five lighting modes.

Kary LED desk lamp, two colors

LED desk lamp with technology eye-care, which provides flicker-free lighting, relieving eye fatigue, making it ideal for prolonged work. It stands out for its intelligent sensor, which detects the intensity of the surrounding light and adjusts automatically.

Easily controlled by touch system Sensitive Touch Control and features five temperature modes, five brightness levels, a 50-minute sleep timer, and a memory function that restores the last setting.

Clamp Installation

This LED lamp saves space on your desk, thanks to its clamp-on design (made of strong metal), which allows it to be installed securely on computer screens, enjoying wide lighting coverage, without shadows or glare.

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