Betty White’s most prized items up for auction

  • Nine months after the death of Betty White, more than 1,500 objects of the actress are being auctioned

  • Many of these objects belong to the series ‘The Golden Girls’, such as scripts or costumes

  • At the moment it is unknown where the proceeds will go, which could go to charitable causes

Betty White It was the last golden girl and also the last goodbye last year. On December 31, 2021, she passed away at the age of 99, 17 days before her 100th birthday. White’s are more than eight decades in the world of interpretation. However, despite being on our screens for so many years, the collective memory remembers it mainly as Rose Nylund, the woman she played in ‘The Golden Girls’. The actress holds the title of the longest career of a woman on television, also certified by the Guinness Book. Now her legacy will continue after announcing that from today until September 25 there will be an auction with goods and objects of the interpreter.

The ‘Golden Girls’ collection

Juliens Auction It is the auction house that is in charge of selling these collections, a company that already has experience, since it has done it before with Marilyn Monroe or Michael Jackson. Altogether, White’s collection deals with more than 1,500 objects that were part of the life of the actress.

‘The Golden Girls’ is part of this special collection, like his director’s chair on the set of the series, the draft of the first chapter that the actress read when she still had doubts about whether or not to accept the role, or the first original script of the series, signed by herself. Among the rest of the objects there will also be clothing or jewelry that Betty wore throughout the seasons of the series.

Personal items

However, there are also items from Betty White’s personal life, such as furniture, jewelry or works of art from your different residences in California, the one in Brentwood, in which she lived for more than 50 years after marrying Allen Ludden and which was sold in May for 10 million dollars, and also her house in Carmel.

Some of the most personal objects belong to her stage of being married to Ludden, such as their wedding ring, a diamond and sapphire brooch, or the director’s chair that White herself made for her husband, with whom she was married until he passed away.

The auction is now open until it ends on Sunday. For now It is unknown where the proceeds will go. as he had no children from his three marriages, only three stepchildren from a previous Ludden relationship. Nor is it known how the actress’s will was distributedalthough it is said that his fortune could have been donated to charitable causes.


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