Binance created a Global Advisory Council for the sustainable development of the blockchain

“We have always put our users first,” he added. Zhao. “With GAB, we are exponentially strengthening our ability to manage regulatory complexity by leveraging the highest level of expertise available in the world. This collaboration between Binance and leading GAB experts is testament to our focus on compliance, transparency and ensuring a collaborative relationship with regulators working to craft sensible regulation around the world.

Binance seeks to harness this variety of experience and knowledge gathered at the GAB to promote the sustainable development of the sector, analyzing the most sensitive issues related to regulatory and compliance aspects that impact crypto assets, blockchain and Web3.

The Council will be chaired by the former US senator and ambassador to ChinaMax Baucus. “Of all the technologies with the potential to create positive disruption, the world of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and Web3 are among the most promising,” he said. Baucus He added: “It is my great pleasure to participate in the creation of the Binance Global Advisory Board and to bring together this group of unparalleled experience to support the resolution of complex problems with socially positive results.”

“Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will set the tone for the financial services of the future, offering great benefits for economies, financial inclusion and the quality of services that people around the world have access to,” said the former Minister of Economy and former president of the Central Bank of Brazil, Henrique Meirelles.

The list of advisers is composed of, in addition to Baucus and Mairelles, by:

Ibukun Awosika, first female chairman of the board of the First Bank of Nigeria, founder of The Chair Center group;

hyung rin bang, former CEO of SoftForum Inc., former CEO of Hyundai and former CEO of Samsung;

Bruno Bezard, Managing Partner of Cathay Capital, Former Deputy Minister of Finance, Former Economic Advisor to the French Prime Minister, Former Head of the French Treasury;

Leslie Maasdorp, Vice President and CFO of New Development Bank, former General Manager and South Africa President of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, former Vice President of Barclays Capital and former Goldman Sachs International Advisor.

Adalberto Palma, former Senior Advisor to the Office of the President of Mexico, Director of Business Development at BEworksMX Consulting, Former President of CNBV; independent director of the Institute for the Protection of Savings, president of Bankers Trust for Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela and general director of Citibank in Mexico.

David Pluff, Business, political, and nonprofit strategist, author, multiple board member, and former senior campaign management consultant to President Barack Obama in the White House.

Christin Shaffer, founder and managing director of acs plus, former head of the Risk Operations Group at Erste Group Bank, former global head of Quantitative Solutions at Deutsche Bank and member of the Data Ethics Commission of the German Federal Government.

DavidWright, President of EUROFI, former Secretary General of IOSCO, former European Commission and Deputy Delegate for Financial Markets of the European Commission.

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