Blinking light in Unreal Engine 5 STEP BY STEP

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On many occasions we need to create an effect blinking light in Unreal Engine 5 for our scenario. This effect is very useful especially in horror games, scenarios that have to do with this theme or even in some machinery that we need a blinking light. The process to create this blinking light in the graphics engine is very simple, so I am going to explain step by step how you can do it. I recommend that you follow this tutorial so that it looks amazing on you, so if you are interested in knowing more, I invite you to continue reading this article.

Create a blinking light in Unreal Engine in steps

Now that you know what this graphic engine is and what it is for, let’s go to the important part of this article, which is how we can create the blinking light on our stage. I am going to be using a project that I already have created but you can create a project from scratch or continue the project you are working with.

Put a light on our stage

The first step in order to create this flickering light, we need to place a light on our stage. To do this we will go to the top of the program interface and look for a square icon it is usually always next to the save icon. Clicking on this icon will display a menu with different options, among all these options we will look for a call lights. If we leave the cursor over this option, another drop-down menu will be displayed with different lights that we can select. In my case I am going to select a basic object light but you can select the light you want and that fits well in your project that you are doing in the graphics engine.

How to create a blinking light in Unreal Engine 5

Create a material in the project

The next step we need to do is create a material in the project. In order to create the material we will go to the content folders and look for the place where we want to save the material. Once we have already found it, we will right click of our mouse in which a menu will be displayed. Within this menu we will find an option called material if we left click with the mouse we will be creating a new material. Now the program does not have the option to change the name, just put the name you want, this does not influence when creating the blinking light. Next what we will do is open the material with double left click. When opening it we will see that a different window opens than the one we have seen previously

How to create a blinking light in Unreal Engine 5

Change settings to create the flickering light

Now that we are inside the material editor, what we have to do is go to the left side of the program interface. Now we have to go to the section where it says material and we can see that there is an option called material domain which we have to select the dropdown to place light function.

Next we will click on a free space in the central window to open a new menu. In the search engine we will have to write time, click on it to be able to create another new box. Right now you will have to have something similar as in the photo.

How to create a blinking light in Unreal Engine 5

Connect different nodes

Next we will create a new box called multiply which we will select by joining the with time. The next step is to press the 1 key and the left button of our mouse, this will make us create another little box. When we have it, we will also connect it to the multiplier in zone B. Once you have reached this point, we will right-click on the little box that we just created and we will convert it to parameter.

Next we will create new toasts one is called sine and the other Tails. We will connect the Sine box with Multiply. Y Frac to Sine. Finally the box Tails we will connect it to the color broadcast. If we see it still does nothing and we need to put a speed parameter To do this, we will go to the box that we have previously created with the number 1 key. If we click on this box, we will see that the configuration is changed on the left side. In the default value we could change the number with which with a greater amount the blinking light will be faster. We will only have to apply to save the changes and we would already have our blinking light.

How to create a blinking light in Unreal Engine 5

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As you can see, creating flickering rice in Unreal Engine 5 is pretty easy and doesn’t take much time to create.

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