Blonde: when does the Marilyn Monroe movie starring Ana de Armas premiere?

we have to talk about Blondeone of the most anticipated films of 2022 and after 10 long years finally this project starring the beautiful and talented Anne of Arms, that will give life to one of the most iconic and legendary women of Hollywood’s golden cinema, will see the light, know everything about this film that will give much to talk about

What is Blonde, a film starring Ana de Armas, about?

The new film by acclaimed director Andrew Dominik is an adaptation of the homonymous book written by Joyce Carol Oates published in 2000. This project, which has been delayed countless times due to its high content of sexual scenes, portrays a version of Marilyn Monroe little known, since this mythical figure of the cinema was generally considered selfish, silly and frivolous, but in reality she was an extremely intelligent woman, a great fan of good reading and with a great sensitivity that made her a woman out of the usual.

Blonde It has generated very high expectations in the fans of one of the great legends of cinema.

Photo: Netflix

Becoming the sex symbol par excellence, Norma Jeane Mortenson (real name of the actress), became the broken toy of an industry that considered her simply an object.

The film is a fictional portrait of the actress’s life, from her difficult childhood, her complicated relationship with his mother of Mexican roots, her rise to fame, and her countless romances that made her a sex object. The film shows us the duality between these two women (Norma Jeane and Marilyn Monroe), until the day of her fateful death, which is presumed to be a murder.

When does Netflix’s Blonde premiere?

Certainly one of the most anticipated movies of 2022finally has a release date since it was projected to be presented much earlier, but due to its strong plot it was feared that the public would look at it with bad eyes, but finally the project will see the light and will be released on Wednesday, September 28 of this year.


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