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When people talk about the Chinese social network TikTok, most think of a demographic made up of teens sharing choreography and a very particular sense of humor. Nevertheless, personal finance experts and gurus have also found a niche where millions of people they reward their content with likes and reposts.

One of the influencers most successful in this field is Humphrey Yang, who at 30 years old has stood out when talking about economic issues to young people who use the platform. Your personal brand of simplify the more general and topical discussion points of the world of finance has propelled him to have more than 3.3 million followers on TikTokwhere it has been more successful than on YouTube (794 thousand followers).

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With titled videos Hacks of money, “How interest rates control inflation” and “Know the tricks of selling on-line“, Yang has become a reference for users looking to learn more about the world of economics. While maintaining accounts on other social networks, Yang has turned to TikTok since 2019. uploading several videos every week.

Yang told Fortune magazine that he had searched TikTok for videos of the topics he played before starting, coming to the conclusion that the platform did not have creators who leaned towards that niche. In this way, he had the tactical advantage to create short, accessible and entertaining content on a variety of topics that would interest those under 30 years of age.

This goal of bringing personal finance and investment concepts closer to young people has led Yang to be one of the leaders on TikTok on these topics. He himself admits that he shared the fear of most of his generation of investments and that most specialized media are not adapted for people who do not have prior knowledge about it. Therefore, Yang says that the best reward for him is that people follow his advice and take control of the financial aspect of their lives.


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