Bolivia proposes to declare the world a zone of peace

“In this sense, we express our concern about the considerable number of armed conflicts that plague humanity,” said the president.

Arce argued that many of these conflagrations are promoted by the transnationals of the war, but also by the desire to impose a global political and economic order, functional to the interests of capitalism.

He stressed that these conflicts bring with them a great human cost and, in many cases, rather the destruction of cultural and environmental heritage.

He expressed that regardless of the origin, nature or geopolitical explanation of international tensions, the Plurinational State of Bolivia has opted and will continue to do so for the culture of dialogue between nations, through the diplomacy of the peoples.

“But unfortunately, we observe the growing deterioration of the multilateral system due to the whim of the capitalist powers of not resigning themselves to the existence of a multipolar world with a balance of power,” he emphasized.

He added that multilateralism is the only mechanism that represents a guarantee of respect between States, regardless of their economic or military might.

He recalled that the countries of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) declared the region a zone of peace in 2014, and promised to resolve their disputes peacefully.

“In that line we advocate -he reaffirmed-, that this assembly be the space of a great historical agreement, an agreement in which dialogue and diplomacy prevail over any controversy and the world is also declared a zone of peace”.

He added that in order to achieve this goal, it is of vital importance, among various initiatives, that the United Nations work tirelessly to achieve a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine, so that the historic rights of the Palestinian state are respected and that NATO stops Think about your expansionist plans.

Replacing the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction with fair compensation for the poor people of the world was the second initiative that he presented before the multilateral forum.

“Precisely the lack of dialogue and preventive diplomacy measures dragged us into an era of great tensions worldwide and growing uncertainty and instability in global security,” he said.

In relation to the current times, he criticized the concentration of a large number of weapons of mass destruction in a small group of countries that, by refusing to eliminate them due to their geopolitical ambitions, endanger the peace and security of the planet.



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