Bolsonaro fined in Brazil for early electoral propaganda

According to the official website of the TSE, the plenary session of the court upheld by majority the lawsuit filed by the Workers’ Party (PT) against the far-right-leaning president for early electoral dissemination practiced during a motorcycle caravan and a rally in a religious temple. in Cuiaba.

The ex-soldier was fined five thousand reais (about a thousand dollars) for extemporaneous negative propaganda.

Opening the divergence, Minister Ricardo Lewandowski stressed that the events cited, by themselves, do not constitute pre-election propaganda.

However, the greatness and organization of the events and speeches that emphasized the maintenance of the then President of the Republic in office characterize a campaign act.

“Our electoral jurisprudence has positioned itself in the sense of establishing the nature of this type of act, with the previous organization and the presence of the candidate being evidence of that electoral nature,” Lewandowski explained.

He insisted that when analyzing the set of circumstances in which the event was organized, “I have a true campaign act as configured.”

In the public motorcycle ride, Bolsonaro, a presidential candidate for the Liberal Party, and his team requested the vote in advance for his candidacy for re-election in the October 2 vote.

The latest survey by the Intelligence Research and Strategic Consulting Institute, published on September 19, shows former President Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva, PT standard-bearer, with 47 percent and the former Army captain, with 31.

More than 156 million Brazilians, most of them women, are eligible to vote in the next consultation, in which president and vice president, governors, deputies, senators and regional legislators will be elected.

According to analysts, Lula is directing his campaign in search of an articulation to build a broad electoral alliance of the left, with the aim of overthrowing the ultra-conservative power that has prevailed since 2018, preserving democracy, rescuing the economy and promoting the pacification of the country.



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