Brad Pitt reflects on his mistakes in his relationships to create these works of art

The lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic has offered a large number of leisure in which many have taken advantage to promote new hobbies. There are those who prefer to opt for sport, while others have explored their artistic qualities. This is the case of Brad Pittwho took advantage of the lethargy to develop his concerns as sculptor.

The actor has joined the contemporary painting artist Thomas Houseago and the singer Nick Cage, a fan of ceramics, to exhibit a set of his artistic creations in the Hiden Art Museum of Finland. Pitt has contributed nine sculptures that can be seen until January.

Hills amazing of this new artistic aspect for the performer is his inspiration. Well, he confesses that for the creation of his works he has based himself on a deep personal reflection around the shape of manage your relationships.

It’s about where I went wrong in my relationships, what I’m complicit in. For me, it’s born out of the capacity for what I call a radical inventory of myself, being really brutally honest with myself and you.Considering those I may have hurt and the times I was wrong“, explained the actor to ‘ET’.

Pitt has also been creating works of ceramics since he separated from his ex wife Angelina Jolie. Although the stars have tried to maintain a cordial relationship, it has recently entered conflict for the sale of his warehouse and the custody agreements of his children.

The Hidén Museum of Art, delighted with the work of Pitt

Surely this space artistic is being a space where Pitt can relax from his personal problems. In the Instagram account of the Hidén Art Museum, she pointed out how despite being a huge star was treated as an equal to add their creations to the set:

“To Thomas Houseago creativity is essential, common to all people and that flows in all of us. Houseago features his own sculpture and paintings along with a series of ceramics by Nick Cave and plaster and bronze sculptures by Brad Pitt. Cave and Pitt are already renowned in their respective fields of music and film, but this it is the first time that they exhibit their works of artpieces created during the course of an ongoing dialogue with Houseago”.

Among the works by Pitt on display, the museum’s website shows highlights: “A panel of plaster cast which represents a scene narrative of a shootingcreated by using multiple impressions of the human body, as well as a socket series“.

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