Brad Pitt’s new beauty brand

    Could we love Brad Pitt a little more? We could. And in fact, so will you, when you meet his genderless beauty brand made from his own raw materials and the way he talks about it in the same joke he mentions his ex.

    It turns out that in addition to being the dream of many, of filling movie theaters and room posters and already being an icon no matter where you look at it, Brad Pitt has unlocked a new skills more on her resume: the beauty business.

    The actor has fully immersed himself in the cosmetics industry with a new brand that he has called Le Domainesurrounded by endless curious data.

    For starters, this is a brand that currently has four genderless skincare products. To continue, it is made with the remains of wine production. But not just any wine, but the one obtained from its own vineyards, as well as its own olive oil. Because indeed, all of Hollywood likes to stick their heads in the country chores from time to time.

    Le Domaine

    Pitt’s flirtations with grapes began in 2008, when he leased a vineyard, the Château Miraval, together with his wife at the time, Angelina Jolie. When the couple split, Angelina sold her share of the property and in 2012, that’s when Pitt met Marc Perrin, who is the co-founder of the actor’s cosmetics brand and the CEO of Miraval-Provence, a business run by a family that has been in the world of wine for more than 100 years.

    Another curious fact is that the actor thought that diving into the cosmetics industry business would be a good plan, seeing the good work that some of his exes had done on him (such as Gwyneth Paltrow with goop o Jennifer Aniston with her branded hair products lolavie).

    Apparently, Brad Pitt had always been excited about having his little beauty mark and there were several that had been given to him over the years. None seduced him as much as Perrin’s idea of ​​creating his own creams with his own resources.

    Brad Pitt

    Le Domaine

    So after researching for more than 10 years together with the best oenologists how to take advantage of the grape remains from wine production in cosmetics, to make everything more circular and sustainable, they found the key. And the star ingredient of the brand is GSM10. It’s about a powerful antioxidant which comes from the extract of the pulp of some types of grapes (the Grenache grape, the Syrah grape and the Mourvèdre grape).

    Among its benefits is the protection against solar oxidation and, in the long term, the limitation of skin aging, in addition to combating Dry Skin. Could it be the reason for the eternal youth of the actor?

    Be that as it may, Le Domaine is already underway and in it you will find a cleansing emulsion, a serum, a cream (Brad Pitt’s favourite) and a more fluid and light one. Each product is bottled using sustainable materials, such as reclaimed wood from Perrin’s family wine barrels.

    Of course low low, neither it is. Prices range from €70 for the cleanser to €350 for the serum. The creams, between 265 and 275 euros.

    It is a cosmetically minimalist proposal, but without a doubt, it promises almost as much as seeing him in the cinema…

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