Brazil’s Supreme Court Begins Fake News Trial

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The Supreme Federal Court (STF) of Brazil will begin today the virtual trial of 21 appeals against decisions by Minister Alexandre de Moraes in investigations involving the far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro.

It appears in the guidelines of the court to determine about the inquiries that deal with fake news (false news) and the violent acts in the commemoration of September 7, 2021 (Independence Day), which often generated confrontations with Bolsonaro. In the virtual trial, the STF ministers will be able to review De Moraes’ decisions through written votes that must be inserted in the procedural system until August 18.

The expectation is that the majority will endorse the measures adopted by the magistrate and reject the appeals presented.

But it is possible that any of the ministers interrupt the hearing to take it to a face-to-face analysis in the physical plenary session of the STF.

Behind the scenes, the trial is interpreted as an attempt by De Moraes to gain support within the Supreme Court, not only to maintain the hard line adopted in the investigations, but also to have support in making similar provisions as president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). .

De Moraes will take office on August 16 and indicated that he will not tolerate questioning of the electoral process, especially regarding electronic ballot boxes.

Journalistic media assure that the bet is that the judge will try to obtain from the Supreme Court the conviction of Bolsonaro, with the consequent challenge of his candidacy for re-election.

The reason would be enough for the TSE to deny the registration of the ex-military aspiring to remain in power for another four years.

One of the trials will discuss the determination of De Moraes in the crime of violation of functional secrecy by Bolsonaro, by revealing information from an ongoing investigation by the Federal Police about a hacker attack on the TSE system in 2018.

Another case refers to the association that the former Army captain made of the anti-Covid-19 vaccine with HIV/AIDS infection.

The newspaper Gazeta do Povo indicates that most of the resources to be tried in the STF, however, are of unknown content.

This is because the fake news investigations and the 9/7 rallies are taking place in secret and even lawyers for those questioned are unsure if they will have the claims scrutinized as of this Friday.

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