Café con aroma de mujer, the series starring William Levy, open to Telecinco after its success on Netflix

MADRID, 23 Sep. (CultureLeisure) –

woman-fragranced coffeesoap opera created by Fernando Gaitan (I am Betty, the ugly one) and starring Laura Londoño (Narcos) and William Levy (Resident Evil: The Final Chapter), will soon arrive on Telecinco. It is the remake of a Colombian series from the 90s, which narrates the romance between a young man belonging to a distinguished and influential family in the coffee sector and a humble coffee picker.

The telenovela, which premiered on Netflix in December of last year and became one of the biggest hits of recent months on the streaming platform, It can now be enjoyed openly on the Mediaset network, although its exact release date has not yet been revealed.

woman-fragranced coffee catapulted Cuban-American actor William Levy to success, and is a current version of the Colombian series of the same name from 1994, the country in which it was originally released before being bought by Netflix.

Thus reads the official synopsis of woman-fragranced coffeewhich has 88 episodes: “Every year Teresa Suárez, whom everyone calls Gaviota, and her mother go to the prosperous Hacienda Casablanca to work as pickers on the second harvest of the season. Both women arrive with the hope that this campaign will be the last, since from now on they will own their own land.

However, their destiny will take a complete turn after the unexpected death of Octavio Vallejo, the owner of the hacienda who had promised to give them a hectare of land to grow their own coffee in gratitude for having been saved by them from an attempted kidnapping..

At the funeral of the patriarch of the Vallejos, one of the most powerful families in the coffee-growing guild, Gaviota meets Sebastián, one of the sons of the deceased who has returned to Colombia after having lived in the United States for several years.

From the first exchange of glances, an irresistible attraction arises between them, which will fan the flame of a passionate and impossible love between two people who belong to completely opposite worlds: he, accustomed to moving among the New York elites, and she, a young peasant from humble origin“.

In addition to Levy and Londoño, the fiction has in its leading cast Latin American actors with Carmen Villalobos, Diego Cadavid, Lincoln Palomeque, Luces Velásquez and Katherine Vélez. The script is signed by Adriana Suárez, Paola Cásares and Javier Giraldo.

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