Call of the Sea will take us to explore its paradisiacal island in the first person with a version for virtual reality

The Out of the Blue Games studio, based in Madrid, has just revealed that it has a new version of Call of the Sea which will be destined for virtual reality with the name of Call of the Sea VRso that we can feel more inside than ever in its settings set on a tropical island.

In this adventure that takes place in 1934, in a place located in the South Pacific, the explorer Norah has crossed the entire ocean following the trail of her husband and his expedition that have disappeared. She thus she will end up in a paradisiacal place where the remains of a forgotten civilization are found.

With this version we can solve puzzles in first person, but at the moment no images and videos have been shown to check how it will look. The team will wait for the 2022 Raindance Festival, as it has been selected to be part of this event that brings together designers and developers of virtual worlds.

Regarding the release of Call of the Sea VRis expected to arrive sometime next year for Meta Quest 2, although it will not be the only one, because Raw Fury, its distributor, has also reported that work is being done on Townscaper VRan adaptation for virtual reality of this building construction title.

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