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Jonathan Barnett is not only the agent of former Madrid player Gareth Bale, but also represents Camavinga. The president of the ICM Stellar Sports agency has analyzed for Goal the French midfielder’s first year at Real Madrid, as well as the Welshman’s time with the white club. At just 19 years old, a few months have been enough for Camavinga to become a key player in Real Madrid’s last four successes (Champions League, LaLiga, Spanish Super Cup and European Super Cup).

After more than a year as a Real Madrid player, what balance does Camavinga’s environment make?

“He is delighted, he is very happy at Real Madrid. Very good things have happened to him since he arrived.”

Is Real Madrid the perfect team for Camavinga to have a great career?

“To 100%. If you want to be the best player in the world or one of the best, the best thing you can do is play for Real Madrid”.

How much has Carlo Ancelotti influenced Camavinga’s progression in the first season?

“Much. He is a great teacher.”

Do you see Camavinga collecting the Golden Boy on October 15 in Turin?

“We will have to see it. You never know. I think it’s best not to put more pressure on him. Let’s see what happens”.

He has been summoned again by Deschamps for the French senior team. Do you think he should go to the World Cup?

“Hopefully, it is what we expect. I think she has many opportunities. He’s a great player and I think he should go, but it’s not my decision, it’s up to the French coach”.

Let’s talk now about Gareth Bale. How is it in Los Angeles? Is happy?

“It’s being wonderful. he loves it It is an extraordinary place to live and he is enjoying it very much.”

Will it be his last season as a professional?


That’s what a lot of people say…

“People talk a lot about it and they don’t know anything. Let’s see what happens. We have the World Cup soon and he will play the World Cup, he will win the World Cup… (laughs). We’ll see what happens next. If he’s enjoying himself, who knows?

Now that his career at Real Madrid has ended, how would you evaluate Bale’s career with the white team?

“As one of the great players of Real Madrid.”

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