Campaign against military service in Cuba gains strength in social networks

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A campaign against the Military Service in Cuba is gaining strength on social networks, after several recruits died in the work of extinguishing the fire at the Matanzas Supertanker Base.

With the hashtag #NoAlServicioMilitarObligatorio, Cuban Internet users demand that the regime repeal the law that obliges adolescent boys to formalize their registration in the military registry when they turn 16 years old.

“No more victims,” ​​requested the independent legal organization Cubalex.

In the opinion of visual artist Julio Llopiz-Casal, the lives of young people who are in military service are in danger at the hands of their bosses.

“Also at that time the most valuable energies are lost and dreams and desires are postponed that are at equal risk of being lost forever,” he specified.

The journalist and translator Arlene shared the image of her son on her Twitter account.

“He’s only 11 and already I’m terrified that in a few years he could be called up for Active/Mandatory Military Service,” he wrote.

“Not a more truncated smile. Not a more fractured Cuban family. Not a vital project more incinerated,” demanded the historian and activist Leonardo Fernández Otaño.

Between the disappeared in the fire in the industrial zone of Matanzaswhose bodies have not yet been recovered from the scene of the accident, there are several young people completing their military service in Fire Command 3 of the old Varadero airport and in the Juan Gualberto Gómez air terminal.

“The political propaganda of Díaz-Canel and his acolytes continues, while they ignore their responsibility in the disaster and in the death of the recruits,” denounced the artist and activist Tania Bruguera.

The decision to send inexperienced soldiers to the disaster zone, to face a disaster of such magnitude, has been highly criticized by the population.

Rescuer Yamil Rodríguez Guzmán, a member of the Cuban Red Cross, pointed out that these boys were not professionals and should not be in such a serious incident.

It is against the law for soldiers recruited from military service to take part in such action. specific, yet they remained there, following orders, firm, brave. Perhaps they did not agree with that action, but orders are first carried out and then discussed. Only they never had the opportunity to discuss that order, the explosion did not allow them, it reduced them to ashes in a matter of seconds, “he specified.

The aunt of Leo Alejandro Doval, one of those who disappeared in the fire, stressed that the 19-year-old should not have been sent to put out the fire, and denounced that many of those firefighters had barely 15 days of preparation.

“I don’t want you a hero, my boy, I prefer you a coward! (…) I would prefer that you had fled. I would feel the same pride if you arrived now saying that you suddenly became a coward, rebellious, defiant and got off the fire truck, because definitely, you are not one of them. You would be a neurosurgeon!Yunia Doval expressed on her Facebook.

The government itself recognized in its first part of the tragedy, that among the disappeared there were “firefighters who were in the closest area trying to prevent the spread”.

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