Carlos III plans a more modest coronation than his mother’s in 1953

The king Charles III, head of state of the United Kingdom, plans a more modest coronation than the one his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, had in 1953, reports ‘The Mirror’ on Wednesday.

Charles III is expected to be crowned the next year after ascending to the throne on the death of Elizabeth II, which occurred on the 8th at Balmoral Castle, in the northeast of Scotland.

As the ‘Mirror’ learned from royal sources, this coronation it would be shorter and less expensivein front of the pomp that surrounded his mother’s on June 2, 1953 at Westminster Abbey, London, after succeeding his father, George VI, on February 6, 1952.

Charles III will also be crowned at Westminster Abbey, but royal sources consulted by the newspaper indicated that the monarch wants the ceremony to reflect the modern world.

However, this event, which is expected in June 2023, must be faithful to the old traditions.

In addition, tabloids indicate that the number of royals who will work for the Royal House could be reduced to seven: the King, the Queen Consort, the Princes of Wales, William and Catherine; Princess Anne and the Earls of Wessex, Edward and Sofia.

As is tradition, the coronations of the new British monarchs take place the year after they ascend to the throne, as a sign of respect for the deceased king or queen.


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