Castro: “Demand and self-criticism will help us turn Sevilla around”

Sevilla fulfilled its annual recognition of journalistic work, a union historically punished. Without the service of the media, there would be more darkness in any field, without a doubt. In football, information and criticism are inherent. The Nervión club lives with them, in times of prosperity and in periods of crisis, and of high tensionas has happened since Julen Lopetegui’s group opened the course with a serious setback in Pamplona.

Nothing changes Sevilla’s plans, which combines the competition with its innumerable protocol acts of all kinds. He took advantage of the league break to fit into his institutional agenda the tribute to journalistic work, which this year came overloaded with emotions.

“Today is the day on which we recognize journalistic work, we welcome a new medium, Relevo, and new positions in different media outlets in the city”, said the president of Sevilla, Joseph Castro. “Our commitment to communication is maximum. We are demanding and self-critical and if we are like that, also the love for the high level of the local press for their analyzes that drive us to be better and better. We are the first to know when things are not going well. We haven’t started well, but the perspective of the media adds up to a open-mindedness to change the current adverse situation. We will turn around this bad start guided by our demands and by those of the media”, he added.

The curtain opened with the dedication to Santiago Roldan, colleague from Canal Sur who died in April. And hearts broke out with him special tribute to Javier Mérida, who fights against the ALS disease with the same claw that he used in his daily chores in the writing of the newspapers in which he has always left his mark since the 80s. Mérida symbolizes the total journalist, little friend of the high spheres and yes of the instinct to track the news. An example, unfortunately from another era.

his son alexander he read a shocking letter of thanks, in which he reviewed his voyage, recalled his scoop on the signing of Davor Sucker for Sevilla, winked at Unzuéwith whom he shares health hardships, and did not forget Rosendo Heads, ahead of his time when hunting good players who passed away last week. “This is one more proof of the lordship and greatness of Sevilla for rewarding a Betician”, stressed his eldest son.

The distinction increases the prestige of these already long-standing awards. The XIII Blazquez Awards was granted to Samuel Marsden, British journalist and ESPN correspondent in Spain, for his report What is the secret to Seville’s success?in which he reveals many of the secrets of the successful stage of Sevilla in the last three decades.

The second prize went to Juan Antonio Solis for your report Your name tastes like grass to me, published in Diario de Sevilla on the day of the UEFA Europa League final between Eintracht Frankfurt and Rangers FC. Juancho, for his profession and friends, excitedly recalled Javier Mérida, a companion of fiery gatherings in the newsroom.

Y the X award of the Ruesga Bono Awards fell on Joaquin Corcherofor his snapshot of Ocampos in full euphoria with the celebration of the lethal goal against Atlético de Madrid in the 86th minute. It was on December 18, 2021 with the volcanic Sánchez-Pizjuán, for the first time at one hundred percent capacity, after the damn pandemic.

Day of truce in this peculiar relationship between football clubs, Sevilla today in particular, in this world that changes in a matter of hours, exciting, that in many moments alternates hilarious scenes of Front page of billy wilder and in others it gives rise to investigation and surprises, as in All the President’s Menanother masterpiece of the genre, from Alan J Pakula.

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