Celestia, the ater ego from another dimension that Anne Heche created to deal with her father’s abuse and her mother’s contempt

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In addition to having a successful career in both film and television and having been the protagonist of well-known romances, Anne Heche also made headlines when she decided to light up her darkest areas. In his autobiographical book, call me crazy (call me crazy), published in 2001, the actress who he died this friday After crashing her car into a house and spending several days in a coma, she revealed that her father raped her until she was 12 years old and that she did not find comfort or empathy in her mother. That’s why, To deal with her traumas, she created a kind of alter ego: Celestia, a being from the fourth dimension who was a step-sister of Jesus and received direct information from God..

“He raped me. She caressed me, put me on all fours and had sex with me, ”she recounted, bluntly about the abuse perpetrated by her father. And he also revealed that due to that contact, the man infected him with genital herpes. His father, Donald, was one of the first people diagnosed with HIV in the United States. In this way, his wife, her family and those around him learned that the respected Baptist minister had led a double life for decades with multiple male lovers.

Heche also expressed, “I think it’s always hard for children to talk about abuse, because it’s just a memory. I didn’t have a recorder… I didn’t carve anything in stone… Anyone can look and say, ‘Well, how can you be so sure it really happened?’ And that is one of the most painful things that can happen to you. You are not sure”.

According to Heche, his father never admitted to being gay and died due to complications from his illness at the age of 45. “I am convinced that my father was a sex addict. He saw everyone as a sexual being. But I think at the time he was living a very extravagant homosexual lifestyle.”, the actress told Larry King in a 2001 interview. She added: “At that time there were saunas where the only thing that mattered was how many you could be with in one night. There is no doubt that that was what she was doing.”

His sister, Susan Bergman, a writer and speaker who died in 2006 at the age of 48 after battling brain cancer for years, was the first in the family to publish her memoir, in 1994. There, she discussed life secret from his father and claimed that his family found out he was gay the same year he died. Bergman defined him as a talented musician who was “detached from reality”. “He was constantly looking for monumental businesses that bankrupted the family over and over again,” he added.

And he reflected: “I think my sisters and I started looking for a real father somehow.” Anne also subscribed to that theory. The actress claimed that for this reason, during her early youth, she had affairs with much older men, such as comedian Steve Martin and Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsay Buckingham. In her book, Heche noted that she often thought, “Why couldn’t my father be like Steve?”

Unlike her sister, Anne was much more brutal when it came to defining her family: “We never told the truth about anything,” she confessed in an interview published in 1998 by the Tampa Bay Times. Three years later, she returned to the subject in a report granted to Advocate: “My father was schizophrenic. He lived two full lives, one as a straight man who ran the choir and had a family, and one that he kept secret. We didn’t know what he did until years later”.

“He did things that are attributed to schizophrenia: big business, delusions of grandeur. Which I also had, so I know there are a lot of connections to the craziness that I had with my father,” she added.

Following her breakup with host Ellen DeGeneres, Hache was arrested in Fresno, California, when she was found wandering around private property in her underwear, offering to take local children to heaven in a spaceship. The actress defined the event as a “psychotic outbreak”, but assured: “I knew I was sane. But I needed to go to a shrink and a doctor and make my friends feel confident that she was in my right mind.”

I don’t think I’m crazy, but I do think I had an unbalanced family and it took me 31 years to start healing all of that.”, explained the actress at the time of the publication of her memoirs. That was not the first time that the actress believed she was sent from God. Her horrific experience with her father had caused various psychiatric ailments in her, such as the development of a second personality whom she called Celestia, a supposed half-sister of Jesus. In her autobiography she described her alter ego: “They called me Celestia, the reincarnation of god. In my mind, I became a kind of messiah of the fourth dimension who received direct messages from god to make this planet a better place to live.”.

Heche said that she even had a secret language to communicate with god through Celestia. In an interview with ABC News, she explained, “I had a fantasy world that I escaped into. I thought I was from that world, that I came from another planet.”

The abuse, the double life of his father and the lack of affection from his mother were not the only traumatic events he had to face in his first decades of life. Nathan, Heche’s only brother, was killed when the car he was driving crashed into a tree. A fate very similar to the one that, decades later, the actress would have to live. Until the moment of her own death, Anne was convinced that her brother’s death was not accidental, but suicide.

When in 1997 she decided to bring her romance with DeGeneres to light, Hache had new conflicts to face: her mother and her sisters moved away from her. Her relationship with her mother became even more strained when the actress published her autobiography, in which she emphasized the lack of support she received from her when she said that her father abused her.

In response to those statements, Nancy, her mother, expressed in an interview: “I am trying to find a place for myself in this writing, a place where I, as Anne’s mother, do not feel violated or scandalized.”

His other sister, Abigail Heche, directly dismissed the claim of abuse and rape: “My opinion is that Anne really believes, at this time, what she has stated about our father’s past behavior… But based on my experience and her own expressed doubts, I think your memories about our father are not true.”

“I always wondered if my mother was aware of what was happening; if it is possible to treat children in this way and still love them”, revealed the actress, some time later. And she added: “It was a relief for me to finally accept this question.” In 1998, moreover, Heche told the Tampa Bay Times that her mother, a deeply religious woman, believed her relationship with DeGeneres was a “sin.” Her own mother came out to endorse her sayings; She, in dialogue with the Christian Broadcasting Network, indicated that she felt her daughter’s relationship with the comedian as “the betrayal of a tacit vote” and added: “We will never have anything to do with homosexuals.”

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