Chacal conquers his fans with the premiere of the bachata “Te Olvido”

The Cuban Reggaeton the jackal has once again put its versatility to the test by betting once again on bachata with the premiere of “I forget you”.

The theme landed this Friday on digital platforms and its author has a clear intention with this: Make his fans dance and make them forget their love affairs.

“Look for it now on your favorite platform!” The singer invited his followers through his Instagram profile with a preview of the video clip.

The audiovisual, directed by Marcel Faez, places El Chacal singing from a stage accompanied by guitar, bongo drums and dance partners, while dedicating the song to that woman who doesn’t want to remember.

“I don’t want to know how you’re doing or how it went / I just want to tear out this page and start again / From today your manipulations are over / This is the last one I’m going to dedicate to you of all my songs,” says the lyrics.

The song talks about the betrayals and tricks of a girl who manages to seduce all the men around her and then reject them, and El Chacal is no exception.

The video clip in just a few hours exceeds 12,000 views on YouTube, where several fans of the artist have also left their comments.

“Cuban reggaeton players learn why this man is the best in the history of Cuban reggaeton”; “Always great. The most complete and with that unique voice. Total thanks for this bachata”; “This is music and the rest is shouting, this is the maximum representation of Cuban music”; “It’s amazing how each theme is superior to the previous one, I loved the lyrics,” wrote some of his most faithful followers.

It is not the first time that El Chacal conquers his audience with bachatas. Topics like “Stay”, “I will not give up”, “Kiss Me” They attest to how much the artist likes this genre and how well he is good at it.

However, in reggaeton the singer also does his thing, especially if he opts for a more romantic facet.

His most recent releases exceed millions of views on YouTube: “Another Drink”, with Jacob Forever close to three million four weeks after uploading and “My Fidelity”, in the company of Osmani García, It already exceeds eight just three weeks after its launch.

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