charge your mobile in the middle of the field without giving up nature

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Camping and solar energy have become inseparable. for campers take solar panels to nature it means being able to use a series of electronic products in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Can be found refrigerators and other gadgets that incorporate solar panelsbut also stand-alone generators or panels to charge several pieces of equipment at the same time like this one offered by Decathlon in Spain.

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The store specializing in all kinds of sports equipment has an extensive catalog for camping. East 50 watt solar panel, foldable and easy to transport fits perfectly with your tent to place on top of the car as if it were a caravan.

By €149.99this 50-watt solar panel is used to charge your phone, an external battery, flashlights, or the fridge in the mountains or on the beach and be able to enjoy nature without giving up the most essential technology.

folding solar panel

Its main quality is portability, the open panel measures 55 centimeters in length, 62 cm in width and 1.5 cm in thickness. The whole team weighs 2.2 kilograms. The fact of being able to fold it makes it easy to transport it among all the rest of the luggage.

“Solar charging times vary and depend on multiple factors such as elevation, temperature, time of year, angle and position relative to the sun,” explains Decathlon. Even so, the technical information indicates that the solar cells have an efficiency of 22%.

50 watt solar panel

50 watt solar panel



To obtain the greatest amount of solar energy, the panel must be moved throughout the day as the incidence of the sun changes throughout the day. Once you have finished using it, you must clean it before storing it and always protect it from very humid areas or where it can get wet.

It is possible to charge several devices at the same time. The housing that is included with the solar panel offers 2 USB ports compatible with type A connectors and a USB type C port. The output is rated at 18.5 watts. The specifications indicate that thanks to the regulation case, the charging power is stabilized so that the phone and other devices do not need to activate the security mode.

50 watt solar panel

50 watt solar panel



The bag in which the generator is placed to pass the charge to the other devices can be hung up high in a protected area. the kit includes a 3.5mm long cable with which to connect devices at a certain distance.

Decathlon offers this 50-watt solar panel for camping with a 3-year warranty. The price is 149.99 euros, but It can also be paid in three installments of 49.99 euros. The sporting goods store can deliver it to your home for free or pick it up at a store.

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