Chayanne remains faithful to romanticism as a formula for success

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Puerto Rican singer Chayanne, 54, remains faithful to his romantic style in his latest single, “Como tú y yo”, a preview of his next album in which he will continue along the path of love, the formula that, according to what he said this Thursday to EFE, has allowed him to succeed for four decades.

“Love will always be there,” he says in an interview in Miami on the occasion of his latest singles and what will be his first studio album since 2014.

“’Como tú y yo’ is a romantic song, proof that I have always been faithful to my work and my style”, adds Elmer Figueroa Arce, Chayanne, when reviewing his musical career and his new projects.

“I think that’s why I’ve stayed -in success-, because romantic pop is a rhythm that gives you the possibility of making fusions with other styles,” he says about the theme that has accompanied him in his career since his Native Puerto Rico joined the children’s group Los Chicos in 1978.

Chayanne, who has waited more than five years to release his new album, which will go on sale in the first quarter of 2023, highlighted that a good example of his recipe for success is “I love you and period”, which came out last month of June and ranked among the top 10 songs on Billboard’s “Latin Pop Airplay” list.

“An album can be more pop-rock and another more pop-tropical, but I have always been accompanied by romanticism,” emphasizes the artist, with millions of albums sold.


“Regarding reggaeton, I can make that sound but the lyrics are what make the difference,” he said about some collaborations in his career in urban music.

“All this has led me to stay and be true to myself,” he stressed, after recalling that he has had occasional collaborations with artists from other genres such as his compatriots Wisin and Yandel, exponents of reggaeton.

“Como tú y yo” is the result of studio work, a song that took shape with the help of his team.

In relation to his next album, which will be the fifteenth studio album since he began in 1984 with “Chayanne is my name” and will follow “I will be in everything” (2014), he pointed out that he has been “recording very slowly”.


“I have between 8 and 10 songs, because I can include the new ones that I have released that are not on any album,” he said about his next job.

Regarding the long parenthesis in his discography, he says that it is due to the fashion that has been installed in these past years “of making songs instead of a complete album” and a tour that took a year and 8 months, a prelude to the stoppage forced by the pandemic. .

Although no album has been released since 2014, he did stand out with songs like “What have you done to me”, in April 2017, performed together with Wisin.

In November 2017, the song “Choka choka” also had an impact, performed with Ozuna, also from Puerto Rico.

Chayanne confesses to feeling “scared” at this challenge in his career.

“When you present yourself before a new album you ask yourself, what am I going to invent, what am I going to do now, but I always find an approach to continue looking for spectacular lyrics and to sing to love”, assured the artist, who achieved his greatest recognition with the theme “Salome” in 1998.


That song, included on the album “Atado a tu amor”, was the springboard of his career and led him to be nominated for a Grammy Award for best Latin pop album, as well as being a bestseller in Spain.

Although he remains faithful to his style, he believes that he always tries to renew himself: “I also do it in the staging at concerts,” he added.

In relation to what type of public he is targeting after more than 40 years of career, he said: “There are several generations, with the grandmother who listens to the song, the mother and the daughter, so it is something generational.

In addition to singing, he has acted in various soap operas in countries such as Mexico and Argentina, and has also made films.

In 1986 he was part of the cast of the telenovela “Pobre Juventud”, the first job he did in Mexico as an actor.

In 1998 he starred in his first film in Hollywood, playing a Cuban dancer with Vanessa Williams in “Dance with Me” and in 2001 he participated in the Argentine telenovela “Provócame”.

Chayanne tells EFE that he does not rule out going back to the screens if he is interested in any project. In music, she plans to continue as long as she contributes something.

“Collaborations are not a priority, but if something organic comes out that is a benefit for both of us, I am also open,” he said.

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