chief drafts

The hotel mocha continues to harvest in Havana, where the remains of the cinema have just been dismantled Payretwhich deserved a better destination considering its antiquity, January 21, 1877, popularity and its status as a symbol of Cuban culture.

The modus operandi It is the usual of the olive green and guayaberated caste, determined to maliciously erase milestones that live in the soul of Cubans, no matter how much they insist on telling wonders that only exist in their hollow heads.

Large cinemas and theaters are disappearing in much of the world, due to the barrage of digital audiovisual media and the habits of new customers, but no one thinks of turning the New York Broadway theater circuit, the Parisian Opéra Garnier or the Muscovite Bolshoi into passing beds for tourists, which there are not in Cuba either.

Nor is the excuse of preserving the façade and other architectural elements valid, because what is new encompasses the also missing room kid chocolatebuilt for the 1991 Pan American Games on the ruins of a multi-family building whose collapse killed and injured several Havanans.

The tactic of the oldest dictatorship in the West consists of killing and salting, Creole salting, everything that testifies to the splendor of the Cuba that they denied and destroyed by force of lies and bosses; including educational programs to produce functional illiterates in bulk.

The yams with ties of “Ñico López” and other totalitarian monstrosities need governed ignorant of Cuban history and society prior to 1959; imposing the gift of notes and the promotion of cretins in the universities.

Being uneducated is the best way to be a slave, despite the fact that the Apostle said the opposite, clarifying that -before being educated- we must be prosperous and good; antonyms of the gang of Peter Pan Díaz-Canel, the new rich on the inclement poverty of Cuba, while Raúl Castro keeps one foot in the stirrup and the nasobuco, so as not to die of the stench that, in his capacity as sub-draft-in-chief, helped impose.

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