Chris Pratt Says He’s ‘Working Hard’ to Continue Amazon’s Great Thriller

From Amazon Prime Video they have been specializing in “old-fashioned” action series for some time and one of the latest examples is ‘the final list‘ (The Terminal List), the adaptation of the novel by Jack Carr. Released last Julythe fiction concluded leaving us with the intrigue of if there would be a second season.

Despite not being announced by the platform, it seems that yes there is hope to see a new adventure Commander James Reece, as his protagonist suggests, Chris Pratt. He has done so when asked about that possibility by Carr himself in the latest installment of his podcast ‘Danger Close’.

little things are coming

Already at the end of the conversation about the experience of becoming a military man, the writer hinted at the return with a kind of “little things are coming”something to which Chris Pratt responded:

“To the rabid fans of The Final List, you have nothing to worry about. We love you and appreciate your support. It is our goal in life to make sure you can get back to the well. We are working hard.”

So while season 2 of the drama is yet to be confirmed, this seems to indicate that David DiGiglio and company are looking for a way to move the series forward.. Of course, with five novels published so far with the character (going to one per year), they have plenty of material to start from.

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