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Is about Dreamworld, the new flavor launched by Coca Cola for a limited time, and that, according to the multinational, as its name indicates, is inspired by the “technicolor world of dreams”.

(Coca-Cola announces collaboration with DJ Marshmello).

“We wanted to create a dream-inspired drink that was recognizably Coca-Cola, but with additional cues that brought the joy and the brightness of dreams”said a spokesman for Coca Cola.

In recent years, Coca Cola, through its Creations innovation platform, has increased interest in launching new products for attract younger audiences.

(The mass consumption brands that Colombian households prefer).

For the presentation of these products, Coca-Cola Creations has implemented digital components that draw the attention of this niche. This has happened with the last 4 products: Starlight, Dj Marshmello, Byte and now Dreamworld.

Additionally, each of these new Coca-Cola Creations flavors includes a dedicated online experience.

(Sprite changes the color of its bottles for easier recycling).

In the case of Dreamworld, the cans and bottles come with QR codes to access a augmented reality virtual music experience, where people can listen to music from an avatar dj and play.



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