Cold logistics advocates energy self-production to reduce electricity bills – El Mercantil

The cold logistics chain points towards the transformation of the energy supply of the main infrastructures of the sector to alleviate the effects of skyrocketing prices. These costs are right now one of the main challenges that affect everyone, according to the speakers at the second day of the specialized conference Cool Logistics Global, which this year is being held in the port of Barcelona. For this reason, they defend the implementation of technologies that “allow us to generate and acquire more control of our energy and find ways that allow us to store that energy or even supply it”, said the executive director of the lobby that represents the sector in the British market Cold Chain Federation, Shane Brennan. Due to the characteristics of the cargo, both reefer containers and specialized refrigerated facilities -warehouses and ships- require high electricity consumption, which in most cases does not come from renewable sources.

“A situation of permanent instability in terms of energy supply is expected”
shane brennan Executive Director Cold Chain Federation

For Brennan, the situation regarding energy costs in the medium term “indicates that it will be permanent, instability in terms of supply will continue”. For the sector, and especially that of refrigerated warehouses -its main area of ​​representation-, he insists that “it is essential to invest” in this transformation. In this sense, “solar energy panels” and “wind energy generators” are the main technological alternatives pointed out by the executive director of Cold Chain, alternatives that are already “searched” by reefer logistics operators, as is the case of the American firm Lineage Logistics. This company is studying the installation of solar panels in its refrigerated facilities in the port of Rotterdam. According to Lineage Logistics, the high energy costs have also led the operator to “establish many contacts with customers to explain how this weakness is affecting them and us”.

The future north container terminal of the port of Valencia will be powered by 100% renewable electricity

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