“Congress morning and music night”

Francisco Coronel, musician and nephrologist.

Francis Colonel He is a nephrologist, but also a musician. Although he himself admits that he does not know what came to him first, his facet as a doctor or his passion for Rock And Roll. What was always clear to him was one thing: “if you are passionate about both, enjoy them equally and feel like it, you can combine them perfectly”.

Coronel has already published a first novel, ‘The experiences of a doctor for everything’, where He spoke openly and humorously about the experiences he had with his patients during the more than forty years of profession that preceded him. However, a fact that is frequently repeated in that first manuscript is that of his great passion for music. That was the reason that led him to write ‘Medicine and Rock & Roll’where the author combines his years as a doctor with his musical vein, being the singer of two pop-rock groups.

As reported by Coronel, who was for more than 30 years head of the Nephrology Service of the San Carlos Clinical Hospitala Medical Writing, his beginnings in music came “at the end of his time at school, when he formed the group Los Vanguards”. “I was active with them for seven years and we got to perform in the famous ‘Mañanes del Price’ that all the groups of that time dreamed of doing,” he says, confessing that “he also performed there with a French group ‘Les Chats Noir’ that was they were left without a singer on their tour of Spain”.

‘The Red Devils’ and their beginnings in music

However, his best anecdotes have been lived with ‘Los diablos rojo’, his second group with whom he is still active today after almost 40 years. “When he had Medicine congresses, he always tried to add a musical number to the closing ceremony and we would perform,” Coronel admits to this newspaper. “In the morning I had conferences and then music, in fact, if ‘The Red Devils’ couldn’t accompany me and there were other musicians, I went up with them to sing anyway”, confesses the doctor.

In fact, together with his groupmates, he lived through two of the “funniest and most special” experiences he can remember, both captured in the book. The two share the same place: USA. “At a congress there I was noticed, since a rock and roll and country group was performing, and one of my friends said that there was also a very famous Spanish doctor and singer in the room,” says Coronel with a laugh, admitting that “at first he went on stage with them to sing a single song and finally he stayed half an hour”.

This is the life of a rocker in a robe: “Both are compatible”

The other has as protagonist John Lennon. “I went with ‘The Red Devils’ to New York and then one of my colleagues and I took a photo on top of the Empire State Building,” he begins by relating. “Then a friend added a picture of John Lennon next to us and I passed the picture around and everyone thought it really happened,” he explains.

Lastly, regarding how he will continue to mix medicine with music in the future, Coronel affirms that he will continue to be part of the Madrid Pop Pioneers Association and participating in the Clinic Rock Festivala Christmas act that is carried out every year by health professionals from the San Carlos Clinical Hospital.

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