CONMEBOL’s SUMA project calls for a competition for architectural ideas for the construction of a community center

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  • Companies interested in presenting their ideas for the construction of the SUMA COMPLEX, may request more information by sending an email to, until 10/09 and at the following link:
  • SUMA is a social responsibility project promoted by CONMEBOL, which seeks to collaborate with community services, contribute to education and improve the environment through football.

Luque, October 07, 2022.- The South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) summons national and foreign architects residing in Paraguay to the ideas competition for the contracting of the Architectural Preliminary Project Service – SUMA COMPLEX.

The SUMA COMPLEX seeks to collaborate in the generation of opportunities for upward social mobility and wants to contribute to social and individual development, offering community services in the educational, recreational and health spheres.

In addition to training agents for the care of the environment and strengthening ties through football, considered as a constructive axis of social change.

Those interested in participating in the ideas contest can request more details by sending an email to, until Sunday 10/09 – 11:59 p.m. (Paraguay time), or they can access the following link:

In the city of Luque, headquarters of CONMEBOL, 26% of families live in poverty, which is why they have limited access to technology, recreation, health, and areas of talent development.

From CONMEBOL, through the SUMA COMPLEX, math and language learning experiences will be offered that playfully link the body with emotion and cognition, producing feelings, concepts and logic, strengthening student understanding and improving their performance academic.

A company that cares about its consumers, about society, about the context in which its business is carried out beyond its own benefits, is a company that inspires a lot of trust among its collaborators and among its stakeholders.

CONMEBOL, since 2016, has been working hard to position itself as a leading institution that generates trust in fans, assuming the challenge of generating opportunities in South American countries, with transformative and collaborative solutions, based on respect, ethical values, care for the environment and sustainability in general.

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