Control and two other games will be free to play this weekend with Xbox Live Gold

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One more week Free Play Days promotion from Microsoft returns to the fray so that Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users can spend a very entertaining weekend, since they will have the opportunity to download and play three different games for free on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

They will all remain available until 08:59 a.m. on November 7. Until then you can also take advantage of the discounts that have been applied to all of them in case you decide to add them to your account taking advantage of the fact that they are on sale.


The definitive edition of Control It will allow you to access all the expansions of Remedy Entertainment’s metroidvania. In it you will enter a federal agency that has been besieged by a threat from another world and which you will be able to defeat with special abilities that will be unlocked little by little.

NHRA Championship Drag Racing: Speed ​​For All

In NHRA Championship Drag Racing: Speed ​​For All You will get into full-speed racing with a multitude of teams, tracks and drivers in this competition, with five different NHRA classes and several modes to play alone or with other people with its local and online multiplayer.

Serial Cleaner

The proposal of Serial Cleaner It is a bit peculiar because in this title you will dedicate yourself to cleaning up the crimes that the mafia killers have committed. So you will have to sneak past the police, clean up the blood, hide the bodies and do everything possible to make it look like nothing happened on stage.

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