Costa Rican unions demand respect for the autonomy of Social Security

In a press release, representatives of these workers’ organizations announced that in the face of the maneuvers to not recognize a salary adjustment, a product of collective bargaining and that is legally and technically based, they agreed to consult the bases on the actions to be carried out.

Those represented at the meeting for the Government’s refusal to recognize the right to salary adjustment of CCSS workers were the Union of Professionals in Medical Sciences of the CCSS and Related Institutions, the National Medical Union, and the National Union of Medical Specialists .

Likewise, from the Association of Nursing Professionals, the National Union of Employees of the Fund and Social Security, the National Union of Administrators of Health Services and Related Social Security and the National Union of Health Services.

Due to the disinformation and polarization promoted by the Government regarding the situation of the CCSS, these unions demand respect for the constitutional autonomy of the entity and reject tendentious statements that seek to defund, discredit, commercialize and privatize the institution, alleging that it is bankrupt. .

“The Fund is solvent, as stated and demonstrated by the directors of the Fund who represent the working people of our country, where it is stated that the Institution, despite the pandemic and the cyber attack, has been attending to the health and pension demands of the Costa Rican population”, underlines the union text.

In addition, it demands that the State pay the debt to the CCSS, which amounts to 2.7 trillion (billions) of colones, about four thousand 300 million dollars, since -it indicates- this and other governments have used the Institution as a Fund Girl, financed with institutional resources.

Finally, the labor groups demand the immediate payment of the salary adjustment, by virtue of the fact that the agreement to increase emoluments, decided by the CCSS Board of Directors on the 8th, is firm.

The president of Costa Rica, Rodrigo Chaves, expressed his disagreement with this salary increase on several occasions and on one of the occasions he even threatened to remove those responsible for that decision from their positions, something he fulfilled on the 17th when he dismissed the Executive President of the CCSS, Álvaro Ramos.



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