Crisis on Infinite Earths, the goal of the ‘reset’ DC Cinematic Universe

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Under the command of David Zaslav, Warner Bros. Discovery has plotted a reset of the DC Cinematic Universe with a new plan that aims emulate the strategy employed by Kevin Feige with Marvel Studios and it started with sudden cancellation of batgirl. However, some time ago, producer Walter Hamada had set himself the goal re-establish the DCEU by adapting the iconic Crisis on Infinite Earths comic.

In 2017, in its efforts to move its superhero movies forward, the studio, home to Superman, Batman and company, premiered in 2017 Justice League. A film not without problems in which Joss Whedon picked up the baton from Zack Snyder after he had to leave the project for personal reasons.

At the expense of the great box office fiasco that it was and long before the Snydercut saw the light on HBO Max last year, the company went ahead with its intentions to release the films centered on Aquaman, Shazam and Birds of Prey, as well as Wonder Woman 1984 and the sequel-reboot of Suicide Squad.

Interestingly, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Hamada, who joined Warner in 2018, was hired to chart a new course for the DCEU and reboot it. And, among his plans to achieve this end, included carrying out an unparalleled event on the big screen. Transferring to the cinema one of the most significant plot arcs in the history of staplesand also one of the fandom favorites, Crisis on Infinite Earths.

an epic story in which in staples published between 1985 and 1986 with which the cartoonist George Pérez and the screenwriter Marv Wolfman, precisely, achieved what seems to be, Warner’s current goal with his movies is to reset the so-called DC multiverse.

In fact, rumors even suggested that in this powerful event with which, the then director of DC Filmsplanned to restructure the films starring the studio’s superheroes, would mark the debut of the Secret Six. A team of villains similar to the one formed by the members of the Suicide Squad and those who they have come to face each other numerous times in the comics.

Of course it was not the only purpose that, the producer of tapes like Aquaman, or The Batman, hoped to be able to fulfill, since he also had the intention of carrying out other projects such as Green Lantern Corps, Static Shock or the black superman movie produced by JJ Abrams with Tanehisi Coates in charge of the script.

And although none of them came to see the light in theaters, to the delight of fans, Crisis on Infinite Earths was indeed adapted as part of one of the most spectacular crossovers emerged within the Arrowverse, which came to have the participation of the Flash by Ezra Miller with Grant Gustin’s scarlet speedster in a cameo approved by Hamada himself.

Now, the relaunch of the DCEU, falls on Zaslavwhose new strategy will not only be based promote DC characters, betting on launching all its superhero movies in theatersbut also will be outlined by a 10-year plan, as he already commented during his last speech at the investors’ meeting before analysts, shareholders and the media.

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